how do you know when it's done?

topic posted Sat, September 4, 2004 - 12:13 AM by  madame7
because it's cooled off here considerably, i thought i should let my first batch go longer than people had suggested to me last month. now i don't know how i should find out if it's done--do you taste it? or is there any indication by how thick the baby has grown? i don't want to disturb it until it's done, but i think it's been a week or more now.

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  • I am wondering this same thing... I have never tasted kombucha before, so what am I "looking" for exactly? (tomorrow marks a whole week- should I wait longer?)
    • It shouldn't taste like sweet tea when its ready. I like mine when its still a little sweet (but doesnt taste like tea) and is nice n fizzy. Then I bottle it and by the time I get around to drinking the last bottle, its a little on the tart side, but still good.
  • Well, it's a matter of personal preference.
    if you like it sweeter, drink it (earlier) when it's sweet.
    If you like it really sour/vinegary, let it go longer.

    Most people prefer a good mix of sweet/vinegary.

    Whenever it tastes right for YOU to be drinking it, drink it then.
    • so you still get the benefits of it regardless? (I mean, if it's still a little sweet?)
      • Yes, you still get the benefits, as far as I know. As long as it tastes like something other than sweet tea, you're fine.
        • I give it 7-8 full days

          then the visual test:
          Are there bubbles bubbling up and down?
          How does the surface look? healthy with a baby?
          Is the color of the elixer more pale than when it began?

          then smell test:
          Waft air from over the jar to your nose.
          If theres a smell at all, it's getting close to harvest.
          you'll get to know the 'finished' smell.

          Then the taste test:
          one friend uses spigoted suntea jars
          so {sprrtt} right into the mouth
          another friend swears by his straw
          technique. He SUCKS!

          i trust the calendar, and the sight and smell tests
          and harvest it out of 1 two gallon jar
          into 2 one gallon jars.
          i find the top gallon to taste slightly different than the bottom gallon!
          attributing it to <not Stirring> and
          seeing the visible yeast on the bottom of the jar
          we drink it all randomly anyway
          enjoying it all

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