Been sick from Kombucha?

topic posted Mon, February 25, 2008 - 11:45 AM by  Tokaia
I'm curious about this. I was speaking with my fiance last night about that guy who is some authority on Mycology. I don't remember his name. Apparently, he found all kinds of harmful spores in Kombucha, including Aspergillus.

But with all the reading I've done, I've never read of anyone having a problem with Kombucha. And I myself have already drank gallons of the stuff since I found out about its existence. All it seems to do is make me feel healthy and energetic. Depending on how long I brewed it, I might get a slight alcohol buzz, too.

Obviously, the "danger" Kombucha poses is just bullpies.

I have to think if some people just don't like Kombucha for some reason or another. It's already obvious that the FDA doesn't like it, because if it caught on enough, it may hurt pharmaceutical drug sales. Big Business thrives off of an unhealthy and unhappy public. And if big business profits, so do politicians. We all know that the FDA is practically owned by Big Business. They're not concerned for our health and well-being.
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  • Kombucha can be contaminated. That doesnt mean it is, but it can be. Also, you can take too much. If the caffeine doesnt get to you, the detox effect might. Just keep your intake sensible. I had a bad reaction once after drinking a half gallon of strong kombucha. I felt really weird and thought I was going to have a panic attack.

    Kombucha helps flush the liver. Its generally a bad idea to detox too quickly.
  • Tokaia wrote:...I've never read of anyone having a problem with Kombucha.

    The only person I know of having a problem from it is a friend of mine with a small intestine issue that seems to be irritated by the acidity of kombucha.

    Other than that I wouldn't put too much worry into what the mycologist (Paul Staments) found unless he's speaking of a formal, controlled scientific study. He's not. His work isn't supported by a published study with peer reviewed findings. In other words, his is just another opinion same as yours or mine, doctorate degree or not. And I dare say his ramblings are quite biased, bordering on phobic, along the lines of years of opposition opinions offered by the medical establishment about herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractic practitioners or massage therapists - all of which are now embraced as effective treatments and supported by scientific study. It's all just another cry of caveat emptor with a bluster of hot air coming off the starboard bow.
    • It is possible to overdue it though. I still love the stuff.
      • right, don't overdo it. ...even straight-up water will get you sick drinking a gallon of it at one sitting.
        Different metabolism types might get an unfriendly reaction. Obviously, most everyone on this site has a bucha -friendly constitution, so we'll be OK with it.
        • I just brewed up a batch that is incredibly strong to the point of almost being unpalatable. It set for a week and a half longer than I normally brew (2 weeks) because I recently started a second jar to keep myself in bucha all the time. Any suggestions on how to make this batch a little easier to drink? Is it possible to brew it for too long?


          • you can try mixing it with juice to make it more palatable and less vinegary. Or, you can let it go another week and use it AS vinegar on your salads and stuff like that. i dont think you can let it go too long in the sense that it goes bad, just in the sense that it becomes undrinkable straight cause its so vinegary.
          • Hey Z,

            I've of some people who use the extra strong stuff for things like marinades, and salad dressings, etc. I know Dave, from talks about it. He says there will be a 'best recipe' addition to his web page, though I have not seen that. Otherwise, I would add extra juice before bottling. I that's what I hear anyway.

            • Kombucha vinegar makes great pickles. I posted a recipe around here somewhere. And I believe someone on Fabulous Fermentation tribe used it to make kimchee or sauerkraut, I don't recall which.

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