Recipe for Kombucha Lotion (and looking for other ideas)

topic posted Tue, December 2, 2008 - 2:03 PM by  Charlie
I've read about the benefits of Kombucha cream/lotion and found a recipe a while back for it, but now I can't find it.
Does anyone have a recipe for this they can share? I am also looking for other recommendations/recipes on other ways to re-use extra Kombucha cultures, since I would rather re-use them than throw them away (if I can't find someone to take them).

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    I chop up the older scobies and mix them into my dog's food so that he gets bucha benefits too.
    • How does your dog feel about this? Have you noticed your dog exhibiting any benefits from it.


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        It's difficult to tell if there are health benefits because he's an active Australian cattle dog with endless energy.
        He eats up all the chopped up scoby and seems to enjoy the taste....although once I gave him too much and he barfed it up on the bedroom floor. Now I give him no more than a tablespoon serving per meal (and not every day).
        • Some interesting ideas here:

          • Instead of a lotion,
            You could keep some kombucha in a small vial -
            think burts bees complexion/pimple eraser with the cotton or ball tip for specific application
            and rub that on like a toner.

            Kombucha is more of a toner than a moisturizer, so if you are looking for a lotion preperation that works well, you will need to combine it with other moisturizing herbs like aloe, milk, calendula, evening primrose oil, etc. Beeswax is not a good addition to your lotions btw.

            A wonderful way to both use the kombucha for skincare AND to reuse the old scobies is to use the scobies themselves as facial packs once weekly - depending on your skin type, less often for dry skins and more for oily/grimy skin. Mature skin would LOVE it, but each individual will have to decide how often for themselves. Take a thin layer of scoby from the storage bag of them you keep in your fridge for facial packs, place over the face like a cucumber treatment, and wait until your face is tingly.

            Rinse gently in lukewarm water.
            Follow with fresh aloe juice or milk and honey to moisturize. Rinse those off after ten minutes in warm water.
            I like to meditate when doing home spa treatments, so put smells and sounds on that offer an easy space for connecting with Spirit(s)...


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