Vinegar eels

topic posted Tue, February 5, 2008 - 1:18 PM by  Sean
Has anybody had trouble with vinegar eels or know anything about them? I got them in several different batches a while back - then started with a completely new culture after sanitizing everything. Now they've come back?
Do you think they could be from the tea I am using or something? I used some looseleaf white tea for this batch.
Any way to kill them?
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  • I guess they are a type of nematode that can live in vinegar, and hence sometimes in kombucha. Experts say they are not harmful to ingest, but they feed on the cellulose of the mushroom and eventually kill it. They're tiny little buggers but you can see them with a flashlight and a goo eye. It looks like your tea is squirming with millions of little sperms.
    I don't know much more about them except I don't like them. I'm sterilizing and starting again - I tried to kill them but couldn't.
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    you are not making Kombucha if you are using white tea. the culture needs caffine to brew a real kombucha scoby. I bet the eels come because the levels of vinegar are really high because of a variant of the KT scoby.

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